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Ayurveda - the science of life.

The Hospital now provides Ayurvedic treatments and Panchakarma therapies along with various rejuvenation and healing packages.

The word Ayurveda come from Sanskrit word, Ayur meaning life and longevity, and Veda meaning Knowledge or Science, Ayurveda is a nature friendly healing system practised and perfected over years and handed down through generations. The main objective of ayurveda is to prevent diseases, promote health and completely wipe out the diseases from the body. According to ayurveda, the thridoshas (condensed form of five elements) regulates every physiological and psychological changes in living organisms. A harmonious state of thridoshas creates balanced health.



Special type of oil massage in which strokes are given according to the needs. This is popular body massage in ayurveda.

Effective for

Obesity / Loss of skin texture / Sleeplessness / Fatigue


Dhara is done by pouring medicated oil, water or butter milk on head or through out the body

Effective for

Patients Suffering from headache / Body Pains / Insomnia / Mental Tension / Skin Diseases


Application of warm medicated oil by squeezing oil dipped cloth on patient lying on dharapaathi.

Effective for

Arthritis / Paralysis / Hemiplegia / Sexual weakness / Nervous disorders


The body is made to perspire by massaging whole body with the help of njavara rice or other herbal medicines packed in cotton bundles.

Effective for

Neurological disorders / Chronic rheumatism / Arthritis / Degenerative Diseases / Malnutrition of limbs / Recovery from broken bones


A Special massage with herbal powders

Effective for

Obesity hemiplegia / Paralysis / Skin diseases / Impaired circulation


Nasyam purifies the head region by expelling impurities accumulated in different sinus cavities and throat. This treatment strengthens senses and intellectual function.

Effective for

Different kinds of migraine / Hormonal Imbalances / Paralysis / Mental disorders / Premature graying of hair

Special Packages

Rejuvenation packages

Body purification packages

Slimming programme

Relaxation & stress management

Body immunization & longevity

Skin & beauty care

Forty plus

Spine Care

Sports fitness

CRI (Computer related injuries)


Well experienced team of doctors // Round the clock Service of Doctors // Well Trained team of Male & Female Therapists Well Equipped and spacious treatment room // Facility for yoga training


We are Specialized in treating diseases like arthritis, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis, IVDP, Rheumatic Disorders, Allergic Disorders, Obesity, Post Natal Care, Osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteo Arthritis Knee, Spine Related Disorders, Psoriasis Treatment, Sports Injuries, Respiratory Allergic Diseases, Degenerative Disorders, Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Treatment is done only after personal consultation and proper diagnosis by and under direct supervision of well experienced Ayurvedic Medical Practitioners and by certified therapists using genuine medicines from authorized Ayurveda Pharmacy